Real Estate Consultant in Las Vegas

Real Estate Consultant in Las Vegas

With a decade of experience as a real estate investor, I believe every real estate transaction should be looked at as an investment property because the home you live in today, may need to be a rental someday; buyers who think they’ve purchased their forever home may need to sell that dream home quickly due to life events; maybe you plan on owning a home for only 3-5 years and will need to sell at a specific time — the location and type of home you buy now may determine how easy or difficult it will be to either sell or lease it out in the future.

If you buy a home in a seller’s market, you may be shocked when it’s time to sell that same home in a balanced or buyer’s market. What YOU think may be cool or unique about a home, may be something that most homebuyers do not want.  For every client who has uttered the words, “I didn’t think it through that far.” or “(fill in any other emotionally charged decisions made when deciding on a home)”, I’ve had to watch them go through a range of financial and/or time complications in order to get on the other side of a sale.

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