Home Project Management

A project manager for your home remodel or home addition can be worth their value 10X when you consider how expensive home remodeling mistakes cost. Ask any general contractor or small subcontractor how frequently the lack of clear communication between them and the homeowner has caused problems. Most of you have full-time lives and let’s face it, it’s not as if you do this type of project all the time.

Figuring out what you want, making a plan on how to bring it to life, communicating exactly what you want to a contractor or designer, HOA approvals, budgeting and getting quotes, negotiating price, understanding what you’re getting from a vendor, their guarantees, equipment warranties, scheduling it all so it happens in the right order, and then having a pair of eyes constantly checking their work so that if they are making mistakes or doing shoddy work, it can immediately be stopped and corrected. It can be A LOT! A project manager is your eyes and ears on the job site.

I’ve witnesses $100,000’s be thrown away due to communication gaps. Tile ripped up a day or two after it was installed for a myriad of reasons: Natural stone lots arriving with too different a color than was expected (this has happened with granite/marble countertop installs as well), the tiles going in the wrong direction, the tile installer doing a horrible job with grout lines or having the tiles crooked, not centered within the room or the tile cuts are crooked. Installations of faucets that don’t work, showerheads oriented the wrong direction, closet hanging bars installed at ridiculous heights, a botched $25,000 paver job that ended in a criminal case against the installer — ALL of these events were due to a lack of questioning between the contractor and the homeowner and the homeowner not even knowing they should have asked or informed the sub/contractor of such things.

I’ve seen drywall repairs and paint jobs go horribly wrong: painters did not paint corner-to-corner when paint matching so the color difference is obvious. I even came onto one job site where the wife and husband told the contractor two different things and the loser ended up taking a sledgehammer to it all. Oh, the stories! BUT, I am bound by an ethical obligation to keep all personal stories like those to myself.

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