I am pleased to provide you with professional organizing services. I strive to represent your interests efficiently and professionally and to ensure that you receive effective organizing services at the most reasonable cost possible. All matters are kept confidential and will not be shared without your written consent. Below are the agreed-upon terms for our services.


The current standard hourly rate for organizing services is $65 per hour and is calculated and rounded up in 15-minute increments.

At times, I may offer a discount on prepaid packages of 20 hours or more. Prepaid packages are non-refundable. You are able to transfer your unused time to a friend or family member.

Regarding 20+ hour packages, it takes some awareness prior to purchasing a package. It may be obvious to you that your project will take longer than 20 hours to complete or I may need to assess and explain why it will take at least 20 hours (or more). I will write out a game plan, outlining how I see the 20 hours being spent. I always recommend that we work our first 4-6 hours session together and at the end of that time, you will see firsthand how long the process takes against what areas remain to be worked on, whether or not you like my style of help, how much of it you think you can do on your own and (combining all that) you will know if you need/want 20 hours of organizing assistance from me (or 14-16 more hours from that point). I’ve heard many clients tell me that it builds in accountability because they are forced (somewhat) to get it all done.

Payments may be made by Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, cash, check, or any major credit card.
Payment is due at the end of each session (unless a package was purchased); a receipt will be emailed after the session if requested.

While I strive to plan out organizing projects in a sane and logical manner, there will be unpacking jobs or time-sensitive projects that may require overtime at the client’s request. If for any reason, the project requires more than 10 hours of work within a 24-hour period, I charge time-and-a-half of my current rate for any hours above eight hours. $97.50/hr for non-package clients; $90/hr for package clients.

If necessary, the following will be charged in addition to the hourly fee outlined above:

Travel exceeding 20 miles is charged at $1.00 per mile (due to current fuel prices), round-trip.

The shopping rate is $65/hour or $60/hour depending on if you have a package already purchased. No items will be purchased without prior client approval.


If the client is purchasing products for the project, products will be available for use by the agreed-upon date.

Twenty-four hours of notice via phone or e-mail is required for rescheduling appointments.

Note: There will be a non-notification fee of $120 for missed appointments. Prepaid clients will be debited 2 hours from their package.

Weather-related cancellations will follow the decision of the local school district.

The client has the right to terminate service at any time. If the client elects to terminate the engagement, the client remains responsible for any fees incurred prior to termination. The organizer has the same right regarding termination, subject to reasonable notice allowing the client to arrange alternative services.

There are times when I will travel away from the Las Vegas area to provide organizing services. My Out-of-Town service agreement will be sent to you to be signed and states the following:

The current daily rate for outoftown services is $900. A full day of organizing services is equal to or less
than 10 hours within a 24-hour period. Effectively, the rate is applied whether you do not use me at all or
you use me any time span up to 10 hours within a day. Time-and-a-half will be charged for any hours over 10 within a 24-hour period. “Organizing Services” includes any onlocation
services at the client’s home or office, or offlocation services are including but are not limited to research and
planning of shopping, space planning and decorating, estate sales planning and execution, project
managing, concierge services & personal assistant services.
Payments may be made by cash, check, or major credit card and will be invoiced 3 days prior to the first
day of services.
All travel, transportation, and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the client. All travel,
transportation, and accommodation email confirmations must be forwarded to
organizedbyginger@yahoo.com, at least 3 days prior to my departure date. All accommodations for the
total length of stay include the departure date through to return date on flight reservation. Transportation
to and from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, as well as to and from the arrival airport(s), is the
responsibility of the client. If I will be going on shopping or research outings, taxi fares, train fares, and/or
car service expenses are the responsibility of the client. This can be handled either by a daily
transportation allowance or by using the client’s own transportation vendor accounts.
The client has the right to terminate service at any time. If the client elects to terminate the engagement at
any time prior to the end of our contracted dates, the client remains responsible for any expenses
incurred prior to termination, and all travel, transportation, and accommodation expenses that would be
required for my return home.
This document will serve as our engagement letter of agreement and your signature confirms your
understanding of the basis upon which I will provide organizing services to you while at your non-Las
Vegas location(s).