Packing & Unpacking Organizing

Do you hate moving? I can help you wrap & pack your items in preparation for the movers. Prior to a move is a great time to try as best you can to organize your belongings or get rid of the old decor items. A new home is usually a time of new color schemes and new directions with all your stuff. I will pack up your house by room and even take pictures of the contents of boxes if requested (great for when your boxes may be living in storage for a time), clearly labeling for the movers which boxes will go to which rooms in the new home.

If it’s the unpacking part that is most challenging to you, I can handle the unpacking of your belongings and organize them into their new spaces. I take care of everything from setting up the kitchen to organizing your closets. I don’t just empty boxes; I sort, organize and put away. I analyze the storage space in your new home and use fundamental organizing principles to establish a place for everything… with your input of course. I even break down your boxes and prepare it for Republic Services to pick it up.

The price structure for this service will be different if you are in more of a hurry and we need 2-3 team members to speed the job up. In my experience these projects can take anywhere between 8 – 100 man hours for larger properties, depending on the number of boxes you have, the quantity of items in each of those boxes and whether or not you have enough spaces in your new home to fit all of your belongings from your old home.

Clients can greatly underestimate their new space available and this can take up some time if we then need to either figure out additional furniture purchases to accommodate extra items, or if we need to go through and figure out which items to get rid of — whichever you decide.

My hourly rate would apply to this service and if requested, an additional $30/hr, per assistant.

Contact me at 702-503-4340 for more details or fill out an online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.