This was a DIY Pegboard for a toddler’s princess room tiaras and accessories. Sometimes, the time spent trying to find EXACTLY what you need can be exasperating – the width, height, depth, and specific purpose served, all in one product can be impossible to find. I’ve been a handy gal since I was a teenager so I have an extensive collection of power tools and if you need any furniture out of box to be assembled, shelves hung, pictures hung or a custom display made, I’m your girl. Think of me like an on-site Etsy shop that will make you exactly what you need if it takes wood, paint, and hardware to make. I sew too. Most of these projects are started or completely done between sessions in my own workshop. In the case of jewelry displays, I tend to finish placement of hooks at your location once I have the jewelry in front of me, which ensures the most custom layout.

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