Senior Move Manager

Very close to my heart, I was raised by a small “village” of senior family members born between 1900 – 1927. I’m a fervent protector of this demographic, as I have seen firsthand the many ways they can be taken advantage of. I describe this service as “Your Personal Assistant” for anything and everything having to do with your downsizing, cross-town move or cross-country relocation, and even the sale of your home if needed. My approach is always to first downsize by disposing, donating, recycling, or selling EVERYTHING that isn’t going with you to your new home. If a floorplan of your new residence is available, I can easily do a space planning mock-up of how your furniture will fit in your new space. If you do not have a floorplan, I can measure and make one for you upon request.

This process can be very emotionally and physically difficult for family and client alike, depending on the circumstances. I find it is best to schedule this type of move, a couple months in advance if possible. If there are any special/delicate items, I will pack these items myself (instead of leaving it to the movers that may not understand their importance). I have my own team of professional packers that will come in during the final days or weeks leading up to the move, unless you prefer to use your moving company’s packers — the decision is ultimately yours in every aspect. I can assist with as many or as few parts of the process as you like. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Interview and selection assistance with moving companies, real estate agents and various home repair contractors
  • Scheduling and managing any donation truck pick-ups, drop-offs, estate sales, and consignment arrangment
  • Assistance with canceling or arranging utilities, travel plans, and senior transportation to hotels or airport.

I’m a licensed Las Vegas and Nevada REALTOR® (# S.0189717), but even if I’m not your Realtor, I can help inform and navigate the readiness of selling your home as your personal senior move manager.

Contact me at 702-503-4340 for more details or fill out an online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!