** There is a 4-hour minimum and 8-hour maximum, per session time policy.**

Hands-On Organizing**

Are you having trouble getting started? I will come to your home and work side by side with you to help you reach your organizing goals. There are 3 different ways that Hands-On sessions can happen:

  1. THE STUDENT – Designed for people who want to do most of the work themselves, I will come to your home or office and spend about an hour in each room/space. I begin as if I’ll be working alongside you through the entire project, but what I’m actually doing is teaching you what you’ll be doing on your own: The questions to ask yourself about each item; the various categories those items may find themselves in; how to categorize the items, projects, etc., for that space and on through every step of the organizing process. Typical time for this is 4-6 hours and it’s the most economical option if you want to learn how to do the longest and most tedious part of organizing… which is editing and sorting/categorizing. Once this is done, I can come back for another 4-6 hour session to make it all pretty for you by showing you all the creative ways to store, display, design, rearrange furniture, space plan, etc. The 10-hour package is excellent for the self-motivated folks!!
  2. The SIDE-BY-SIDE – THE MOST POPULAR SERVICE, by far!! This is a true hands-on, side-by-side, I’m with you the whole time because you are a proud procrastinator, you have ADD or you just know that you need to be held accountable by someone to get this stuff done, method. Once we do the walk-through of all the areas you want to work on, we’ll start with your highest priority space first and get straight to work. We’ll start in one area and I’ll direct the process; you just have to make the decisions about each item. I’m fast working, if that’s your pace; otherwise, I won’t rush you but always will I gently nudge you if you get off track. We’ll have fun but we will work! I will teach you as we go and you’ll see a noticeable difference after the very first session. The 20-hour package is the most popular package for this method of organizing service and I urge clients to try and do a minimum of 5-hour sessions; this way the entire project can be done in 4 sessions. In my experience, the more time in between sessions, the more likely procrastination will set in mid-project.
  3. The FULL GINGER – This is for the person who has no time or no desire to be involved in the organizing process. This method is great for spaces that don’t have ‘too much stuff’ necessarily, but just need someone to come in a make their stuff look pretty, easily retrievable, give everything a home and tidy everything up. Either package is good for this type of project and once I see the areas in person, I’ll be better able to recommend a time frame for the project.

When doing any HANDS-ON project, I offer shopping services at the same hourly rate. This is for clients who have a budget for new organizational tools such as bins, files, desk accessories, shelving units, bookcases, furniture, etc. I also am able to do Pinterest-inspired DIY solutions. Please visit my DIY Projects page to see all the neat and unique creations I’ve made for my clients.


Very close to my heart, I was raised by a small “village” of senior family members born between 1900 – 1927. I’m a fervent protector of this demographic, as I have seen firsthand the many ways they can be taken advantage of. I describe this service as “Your Personal Assistant” for anything and everything having to do with your downsizing, cross-town move or cross-country relocation, and even the sale of your home if needed. My approach is always to first downsize by disposing, donating, recylcing, or selling EVERYTHING that isn’t going with you to your new home. If a floorplan of your new residence is available, I can easily do a space planning mock-up of how your furniture will fit in your new space. If you do not have a floorplan, I can measure and make one for you upon request.

This process can be very emotionally and physically difficult for family and client alike, depending on the circumstances. I find it is best to schedule this type of move, a couple months in advance if possible. If there are any special/delicate items, I will pack these items myself (instead of leaving it to the movers that may not understand their importance). I have my own team of professional packers that will come in during the final days or weeks leading up to the move, unless you prefer to use your moving company’s packers — the decision is ultimately yours in every aspect. I can assist with as many or as few parts of the process as you like. This includes, but is not limited to:

        • Interview and selection assistance with moving companies, real estate agents and various home repair contractors
        • Scheduling and managing any donation truck pick-ups, drop-offs, estate sales, and consignment arrangment
        • Assistance with canceling or arranging utilities, travel plans, and senior transportation to hotels or airport.

I’m a licensed Las Vegas and Nevada REALTOR® (# S.0189717), but even if I’m not your Realtor, I can help inform and navigate the readiness of selling your home. Contact me at 702-503-4340 for more details.

Unpacking & Moving Services

Do you hate moving? I can help you wrap & pack your items in preparation for the movers. Prior to a move is a great time to try as best you can to organize your belongings or get rid of the old decor items. A new home is usually a time of new color schemes and new directions with all your stuff. I will pack up your house by room and even take pictures of the contents of boxes if requested (great for when your boxes may be living in storage for a time), clearly labeling for the movers which boxes will go to which rooms in the new home.

If it’s the unpacking part that is most challenging to you, I can handle the unpacking of your belongings and organize them into their new spaces. I take care of everything from setting up the kitchen to organizing your closets. I don’t just empty boxes; I sort, organize and put away. I analyze the storage space in your new home and use fundamental organizing principles to establish a place for everything… with your input of course. I even break down your boxes and prepare it for Republic Services to pick it up. The price structure for this service will be different if you are in more of a hurry and we need 2-3 team members to speed the job up. In my experience these projects can take anywhere between 8 – 100 man hours for larger properties, depending on the number of boxes you have, the quantity of items in each of those boxes and whether or not you have enough spaces in your new home to fit all of your belongings from your old home. Clients can greatly underestimate their new space available and this can take up some time if we then need to either figure out additional furniture purchases to accommodate extra items, or if we need to go through and figure out which items to get rid of — whichever you decide. My hourly rate would apply to this service and if requested, an additional $30/hr, per assistant.

Organizing Action Plan

This service begins with a two to three hour meeting at your home or for my remote clients, via Skype, FaceTime or phone. During this time we tour your house, learn about the dynamics of your family and your goals, and discuss problem areas and recommended solutions. We then take this information back to our office and create a detailed step-by-step plan to guide you and your family toward your organizing goals. I will research and provide you with purchase options for any organizational solutions you may need. If necessary, I will sketch out a floor plan with 1-2 space planning options. This plan is yours to keep. You can choose to implement the plan yourself or hire Organized by Ginger to help you implement part or all of the plan. Depending on the size of the project, this type of service can be completed in as little as 5 hours.

Remote Organizing Services & Phone Coaching

These services are for the DIYer – the person who knows they can do the physical work, but would really like a step-by-step action plan to follow on paper… with some tech support and demonstrations. In the end, you’ll basically be learning how I do what I do and how I look at spaces and look past all of the disarray. I’ll give you techniques on how to remove as many emotions from the equation as possible and alleviate overwhelm while you’re working on organizing your spaces. These two services allow us to help you reach your organizing goals through either in-depth phone and video calls or weekly coaching calls. I provide support, expertise and accountability. Each session varies based on your needs – it’s really like staying on the phone with tech support until you’re comfortable enough to hang up, confidently knowing exactly what you need to do. This is a great service if you prefer to do most of the work yourself, but you would like an accountability partner and access to an expert. Hours must be purchased in advance for this service.

Maintenance – $220/mo

Available to clients AFTER I’ve worked with them to create their home management systems. Closets, Bathrooms, Kitchen and Bedrooms are the core areas I manage during the 4-hour session, once every month. If there is available time, I work on the garage and other areas requested.

Think of it as a maid service just for organizing. I don’t do the cleaning; I make it so that the cleaners can do their job properly. If you’ve hired a cleaning company thinking they could organize your stuff AND clean it all – you’ve probably been disappointed in the end. Please ask about me for more details about this service and how it can keep you on track after the initial work has been done and system implemented. This is very popular with my busiest clients.