Professional Services

Hands-On Organizing Services

Professional Organizing Services

** There is a 4-hour minimum and 8-hour maximum, per session time policy.

The Student

Option 1

Designed for people who want to do most of the work themselves.

The Side-By-Side

Option 2

This is a truly hands-on, side-by-side, I’m with you the whole time, method.

The Full Ginger

Option 3

For the person who has no time or desire to be involved in the organizing process.

Full-Service Senior Move Management & Relocation

I describe this service as “Your Personal Assistant” for anything and everything having to do with your downsizing, cross-town or cross-country relocation, and even the sale of your home if needed. My approach is always to first downsize by disposing of, donating, recycling, or selling EVERYTHING that isn’t going with you to your new home.

This process can be very emotionally and physically difficult for family and clients alike, depending on the circumstances. I have my own team of professional packers unless you prefer to use your moving company’s packers. I can assist with as many or as few parts of the process as you like.

I’m a licensed Las Vegas and Nevada REALTOR® (# S.0189717.LLC), but even if I’m not your Realtor, I can help inform and navigate the readiness of selling your home.


Unpacking & Moving Services

Do you hate moving? I can help you wrap & pack your items in preparation for the movers. I will pack up your house by room and even take pictures of the contents of boxes if requested (great for when your boxes may be living in storage for a time), clearly labeling for the movers which boxes will go to which rooms in the new home.

If it’s the unpacking part that is most challenging to you, I can handle the unpacking of your belongings and organize them into their new spaces. I take care of everything from setting up the kitchen to organizing your closets. I don’t just empty boxes; I sort, organize and put away… with your input of course. My hourly rate would apply to this service and if requested, an additional $30/hr, per assistant.


Organizing Action Plan

This service begins with a 2-3 hour meeting at your home or for my remote clients, via Zoom, FaceTime, or phone. During this time we tour your house, learn about the dynamics of your family and your goals, and discuss problem areas and recommended solutions.

Remote Organizing Services & Phone Coaching

These services are for the DIYer – the person who knows they can do the physical work, but would really like a step-by-step action plan to follow on paper… with some demonstrations. In the end, you’ll basically be learning how I do what I do and how I look at spaces and look past all of the chaos. Hours must be purchased in advance for this service.

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