• You can expect me to arrive on time, with lots of energy and ready to work. I’m fast and efficient, but I will not rush you.
  • We will discuss your needs and suggest a plan of action to meet your organizing goals. Once you agree with the plan we will begin with the hands on organizing.
  • Starting with your highest priority room/space, we will take everything out, begin the sort process and together we will decide what you are keeping. We will wipe down the area before we return the items, we are not house cleaners but want you to have a clean and organized space.
  • While we are working on the sorting and purging process your home will look worse before it looks better. But rest assured we will put things back together before we leave.
  • Remember that old saying “A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place”? That is our goal. Once everything has a home it will be much easier for you to keep up. I do not recommend purchasing any storage bins prior to the sort & purge process because we simply do not know how much stuff will be left and require storage; nor will we know where it will be stored… Cart before horse, and such.
  • I will take out the trash or arrange for the pick up of a large trash, recycling load.
  • I will also take items to donation and mail you a receipt or call and arrange pick up.
If for some reason – other than a true emergency – you need to cancel our session we request that clients call within 24 hours of the appointment. After one emergency cancellation, a 2-hour fee will be charged.
I am bound by the NAPO Code of Ethics, so our work is always confidential. All client information either written or verbal is held in confidence

My regular hourly rate is $60. I always offer a discount on packages of 20 hours or more when purchased up front which brings the hourly down to $55.

I do not give flat rate quotes for any projects. Reason: The process of organizing is very organic and creative; a new challenge can arise from something as simple as “I just found this other box of stuff”; decisions by both the client and myself are made as we go which can make project time predictions almost impossible. I will only go as fast as you are going and if there are emotional attachments, I’ll not push or rush you along if you need time.

With that said, when I give time estimates they are typically given as a time range and done so with the caveat that the process will go as quickly as you are able to make final decisions. Every item will be touched and the question of “To keep, or not to keep” is asked and if you have any emotional or financial attachment to any of those items, it can add time in either the decision of “keep or not” or by adding another item needing a home (which could require the entire space be re-thought or rearranged).

Think of me as a project manager for your move. Whether you want someone else to do all of the packing or unpacking, I’m going to act as if I’m you when it comes to how carefully I’ll treat your items. Almost every client I’ve helped move tells me “I hate moving!” So I always ask, “Which parts do you hate exactly?” The answers vary from “I’m fine with packing it all up, it’s the unpack I hate — I can’t figure out the best place to put things.” to “It’s just me doing most of the work and it’s so overwhelming.”

I’m the helper, Tetris-style packer, planner, coordinator, shopper, space planner, and organizer all in one! Or I can be just a helper and packer — it’s up to you to decide what level of management you want to delegate to me. I’ve unpacked and organized a 1 bedroom apartment in as little as 6 hours, a 3-bedroom home in as little as 20 hours, and I’ve worked with several clients for hundreds of hours over several months due to the larger scope of their move and the more robust capacity I worked for them in. I always tell clients “If you need help, then let’s just schedule a 4-8 session and get to work. That’s the best way to see how I work, how fast or slow it all goes and which parts you’d like me to do versus the parts you can do yourself.”